Video Duets 2020

During the residency at L’Animal a l’Esquena, Celrà, Ocells al Cap invited the artists who were unable to come in person because of the COVID19 pandemic, to take part in performance duets at a distance. The artists from afar were projected onto a large screen and the artists present at the residency stood with their […]

Drawing Duets

During the residency at FEM 2019, we made a series of drawing duets/duels. The artists face each other across a blank sheet of paper with eyes closed. They begin to draw……

Tentacular Thinking 2019

Tentacular Thinking was presented at La Casa de la Paraula in Santa Coloma de Farners on the 2nd February 2019. The participating artists were: Denys Blacker, Juliette Murphy, Mireia Zantop, Lesley Yendell, Paloma Orts, Melina Peña and Ada Vilaró. The audience are asked to talk together and to decide on an important question. They are […]

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