Raindrop Dance 2021

As part of the programme of activities during the exhibition Food: The Utopia of Proximity at Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre and curated by Harold Berg, Eudald Camps & Carme Sais, Ocells al Cap were invited to recreate Carol Gooddens’s performance Raindrop Dance, first performed in 1971 at 112 Greene Street, New York. After almost exactly 50 […]

Between Us 2012

Between Us was performed just after lockdown in 2021. Only a few of the group could take part and the performance was made in a park in Celrà as part of the events to make International Women’s Day organised by Cultural Rizoma and the Ajuntament de Celrà. The artists asked a volunteer in the audience to think of […]

Video Duets 2020

During their residency in September 2020 at L’Animal a l’Esquena, Celrà, Ocells al Cap invited a group of artists who were unable to come in person because of the COVID19 pandemic, to take part in a series of performance duets at a distance from their countries. The artists from afar were projected onto a large […]

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