The Oracle 2017

The Oracle was presented at Al Jardí in Cadaquès on the 2nd July 2017. The participating artists were: Helen Collard, Marta Vergonyós, Denys Blacker, Nuria Iglesias, Montse Seró, Martine Viale, Sandra Johnston and Mar Serinyá. Photos by Jordi García Moriel.

In The Oracle, the audience were asked to write down a question that was important to them or that they were curious to have an answer for, and to hide the paper from the view of the artists. The artists then began to improvise with objects that they have brought with them. The person who has made the question takes notes and one of the group (who doesn’t know the question ) also takes notes. At the end of the improvisation the texts are read and the audience comment on the content. As usual, the only rule is that the artists can only move when moved by an inner conviction to move and otherwise to remain still.

Ocells al Cap in Cadaquès

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