Raindrop Dance 2021

As part of the programme of activities during the exhibition Food: The Utopia of Proximity at Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre and curated by Harold Berg, Eudald Camps & Carme Sais, Ocells al Cap were invited to recreate Carol Gooddens’s performance Raindrop Dance, first performed in 1971 at 112 Greene Street, New York. After almost exactly 50 years to the day, Ocells al Cap presented their version of the work on the 12 May 2021 at the Teatre Municpal in Girona, followed by a discussion with the audience.

Telepathic essence: As part of our ongoing investigation into extrasensory communication we asked for a volunteer member of the audience to write down a question on a piece of paper and to fold it up without showing it to us or the audience. We also asked for another volunteer to write down everything they saw during the performance on another sheet of paper. At the end of the performance the two volunteers read out what they had written; first the obvservations and lastly the question. A discussion with the audience ensued about whether or not the question had been answered by the performance.

Photos: Max Wyse

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